Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting, Maintenance & Support for Agencies

We take care of your clients’ websites, so you don’t have to.

You build beautiful websites for your clients, but now there’s a problem…

Lack of Time

Keeping websites updated and secure takes time out of your busy day.


15-minute website maintenance requests take over your to-do list.


Keeping on top of updates and backups is stressful and annoying.


You’re afraid your clients will get hacked if you miss a WordPress update. 


You can’t focus on the work you really want to be doing.

We take the stress and annoyance out of hosting, maintaining and supporting WordPress websites.

Hand off your client’s sites to WP Support Plan by Ladder Creative, and move on to your next project with complete peace of mind. We’ll take care of the day-to-day stuff: Hosting, backups, updates, security and support. Your clients remain your clients, and we’ll check in with you if your client requests big changes to their website or other new projects.



Contact us to get started. We personally connect with every designer, developer, agency or website owner we work with.


Pick a plan and fill in your client’s website details in a secure form.


Choose to bill your client yourself (discount available for 10 or more sites), or have us bill your client directly.


Relax while we take care of your client’s site.



We’re Betty and Scott Taylor of WP Support Plan by Ladder Creative LLC.

A few years ago, a designer friend of ours was complaining about the hassle of keeping her clients’ WordPress sites updated. We’ve always provided hosting and maintenance for the WordPress sites that we build, so we offered to do the same for her sites. She was so happy to be able to concentrate on the work she wanted to do without worrying about keeping clients’ sites up-to-date and dealing with the distraction of small website requests that she began referring us to her colleagues, friends, and clients. WP Support Plan was born.

We believe in community, not competition, so we’re happy to be able to provide our fellow designers and developers with a service that meets the end goal of happy clients with websites that function well for the long run.

WordPress website hosting, maintenance and support isn’t all we do. You can find out more at laddercreative.com.


Betty Taylor and the team at Ladder Creative are a top notch professional organization. I am the Executive Director of a bar association and we have been impressed with their responsiveness and quality of their web design. I would highly recommend Ladder Creative for your web design and support needs.

Betty St. Marie

Executive Director, ACC Southern California

“Ladder Creative (WP Support Plan) provides website hosting, maintenance, and support for our clients’ websites, and we are happy that they do. They make our days easier by taking care of the ongoing tasks so we can concentrate on the big picture. And they are super responsive when we have a question or need to troubleshoot an issue. They are a great partner for our agency.”

Lindsay Sutula

Top Fox Marketing


Set Up Costs: Maintenance Only Plans (Maintenance Only and Maintenance Plus) require an initial set up fee, starting at 1 hour at the current hourly rate. Maintenance Plus plans may apply the included support time to this set up fee.

Essential and Comprehensive Hosting Plans include up to 90 minutes of initial set up at no additional charge.

Comprehensive and Maintenance Plus Plans Included Support Time: Comprehensive and Maintenance Plus plans include up to 12 hours of additional website-related support per Plan Year. Support time expires if the Plan is canceled.

Paid Support Time: We will notify you if work requested will exceed the Plan Included Support Time.

Website Hosting: Hosting is for a single WordPress installation with less than 25,000 visits a month and/or using less than 5GB storage and/or using less than 20GB bandwidth. We'll talk to you about upgrading your plan if your site uses more resources or is an ecommerce site.

Hacked Sites, Malware, and Other Issues: We will use best practices to protect your website. In case of security issues or other website issues, Ladder Creative LLC or our hosting partner will start the process to restore the site from backup within two business days. Work incurred to correct hacked sites, malware, and other issues (including human error) that are not resolved by a ‘site restore from backup’ will be billed at our current hourly rate. Ladder Creative LLC will not be responsible for any cost incurred to restore a compromised website or for any lost profits, or special, incidental, or consequential damages.

Website Updates: WordPress Core, Theme, or Plugin updates can cause issues that affect website functionality or layout. Correcting these issues is beyond the scope of regular maintenance and will be billed at our current hourly rate.

Website Backups: Backups are stored for at least 30 days. Older backups may not be available.

Client Responsibility: Client agrees to visit and review each website on a regular basis and inform Ladder Creative LLC of any issues that may have been caused by an update. Please check websites a minimum of once per month. More frequent checks are recommended. Client must notify us if they receive notifications about updates to premium themes and plugins.

Website Legal Requirements: Ladder Creative LLC is not responsible for compliance with any Accessibility, Privacy, or Other Legal Requirements for Client websites.

About Email: We do not offer email hosting. We recommend Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite and Google Apps for Work) or Gmail.

Details and pricing are subject to change.

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