Privacy Policies & Cookie Notices, Oh My

Yes, Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy.

Most websites collect some form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). For example, you may have a contact form that asks for an email address. Or you may use analytics to find out how many visitors come to your website, so you are sharing IP addresses with Google analytics.

Many states have implemented or are proposing laws to protect PII. Countries and regions outside the US also have privacy laws in place. To be in compliance with these laws, your website needs a Privacy Policy (and possibly a Cookie Disclaimer or Opt-Out and other policies). We can help you determine which policies you need and what goes into each one so that your website complies with the latest laws.

We have partnered with Termageddon, a company that helps create website privacy policies, cookie notices, and more, and keep them updated as laws change.

We are not attorneys and this is not legal advice. We just want to be sure that you know about the growing number of privacy law requirements and possible penalties for not complying.

Contact us to add policies to your website, and we will get in touch to gather the information needed, create your policies, and implement them on your website.

But, Do You REALLY Need a Privacy Policy?

Yes, Really. Most Websites Do.

Our partners at Termageddon have created a guide which explains why most websites need a Privacy Policy and other policies. Click to download the Small Business Guide to Privacy PDF.

We make implementing your policies even easier. Just let us know you are ready to get started!

Add Website Policies to Your SIte

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